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Older Puppies

Have you considered an older puppy? Sometimes the younger puppies can be too much for some, which is why getting an older puppy is very desirable. We have done the puppy raising for you. The come pre equipped with basic training and we know their exact personality. 


Our older pups are temperament tested to ensure they end up with a forever home that can meet their needs. We raise our puppies with a very specific curriculum which means we start handling them and working with them as early as day three to prepare them for their future. Please visit our PUPPY RAISING tab to learn more. We continue basic training until they come home to you!

We update this page as often as we can, but we recommend connecting ASAP if you have your eye on a specific pup. 


Available Older Puppies

Please inquire on an individual puppy's availability. Please be mindful that we do our best to match puppies based on your family's needs and the puppy's individual needs. We do accommodate color and gender preferences but prioritize placing puppies in homes they will succeed in.

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