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At Happy Hollow Aussiedoodles

Family is Everything


We're so glad to have you here! We want to give you the chance to learn more about us and what we do.

Meet Our Family!

Happy Hollow Aussiedoodle Mascot
Happy Hollow Aussiedoodle Family
Happy Hollow Aussiedoodle Family

Happy Hollow Ranch is a family-owned and operated located in Texas dedicated to raising high quality, happy, healthy aussiedoodle puppies. We are the founders, Glen and Jennifer Gregston. Our daughter-in-law, Sarah Wilkerson, has been involved with all aspects of our ranch for over 10 years, and our beautiful grandkids, Lexi and Benny, help with daily puppy chores!

Happy Hollow Aussiedoodle Family
Happy Hollow Aussiedoodle Family
Happy Hollow Aussiedooel Family

Our Mission

To raise a happy and healthy family friendly puppy that has had a great start to life. We want to be known for producing puppies that are smart, willing, easy to train and lovable. We will always strive to maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and professionalism.

You deserve a dog breeder who values family.

Everyone has a different definition of family. Our family consists of our furry companions. Everything we do is with their happiness and health in mind. No matter how you define family, we welcome you to be a part of ours.


Want to be apart of the pack?

Get to Know Us

If you're going to get your new furry companion from us, it's only right to get to know our program a little better. 

We're a family run ranch in Winnsboro, TX who raises gorgeous Gypsy & Gypsy Cross horses as well as Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy, Mini and Standard Aussiedoodles and Multi-gen Mini Aussiedoodles.

Happy Hollow Ranch is a responsible breeder of top quality Aussiedoodles and Aussies. We specialize in happy, healthy, well socialized puppies. Our parent dogs are all selected based on personality and disposition! Genetic testing is done on all of our breeding dogs, and we select parent dogs that will compliment each other. We believe that puppies raised in a loving, dedicated home make the best family members. We do our best to give our puppies the best possible start. All litters are born in our home (my bedroom to be exact), all births are attended to and moms and pups are supervised during the entire labor and delivery.

Puppy Care

We do everything possible to make sure puppies have an easy transition from our house to yours!



Puppies receive FFP, which is fresh frozen plasma, to boost immune system at birth, 12 and 24 hours. At days 3-16 we start ENS - early neurological stimulation. After that we start our puppy curriculum - consider it puppy kindergarten!


Litter box training begins at 3-4 weeks and for most puppies makes housebreaking much easier. We also do ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) on days 3-16.


Puppies are exposed to normal household sounds and activities, they get used to our other dogs and our grandchildren.


Bathing, nail clipping, drying and clippers are all started early on.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are all part of our family and we cherish each and every one of them! All have their own personalities and traits. All of our parent dogs have had genetic testing. Our goal is wonderful family pets. Temperament and disposition is so very important to us.


Meet the ladies of Happy Hollow Aussiedoodles.


Meet the gents of Happy Hollow Aussiedoodles!

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