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puppy temperament test example


As a breeder we know how important it is to match puppies with the best possible homes. We watch them carefully from birth and we get to know their personalities as it develops. Temperament testing

( puppy evaluations), will give us a better idea of which puppy is best suited for a particular home. We want the best fit possible!

There can be a wide range of personalities in every litter. The temperament test is a snapshot of what a puppy has to offer. Just as puppies can vary in personality, the needs and lifestyles of potential homes vary just as much.

Puppy picks will now take place at 8 weeks or after puppy evaluations have taken place. Puppy picks will take place in order of deposit received. Based on the puppy evaluations and the questions we've asked of potential buyer, the buyer will then choose from puppies best suited for their homes.

Most people want to pick a puppy based only on gender or color. A puppy is a 12-16 year commitment, color should be the last item on checklist! You would not pick your potential spouse only on hair color or eye color, hopefully anyway, we want this decision to take many aspects into consideration.

puppy evalution
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